So, the garden has never looked better and even the spice rack is in alphabetical order, but have you tackled the most daunting challenge of all - the wardrobe! For many of us it is a long overdue task, put off for years. For many of you confined to the house there are no more excuses. Here are some tips to simplify the operation.


Get Set Up

The wardrobe is going to be systematically emptied, sorted and restocked.
If you have a spare rail or can borrow one, use it for putting the keeping clothes on (a broom handle resting between two pieces of furniture will do). Also, three boxes - one for charity shop, one for trying to sell on ebay or second hand shop, one for rag bin. Having your hangers all the same adds to the sense of order, have a look online (beware wooden ones take a lot of space).
Start with Spring and Summer clothes, take the Winter things elsewhere for now.


The Sorting Process

First pull out all the things that you wear a lot, and will continue to wear, put on rail.
Second pull out the things that you definitely will not wear again and put into relevant box.
Now look at what's left and analyse why you don't wear each item. Trying them all on, is a good way to start, look for stains, pilling and minor repairs - can they be cleaned or repaired? Fill up the boxes or add to the keeping rail.
Repeat with your Winter clothes.



First clean the wardrobe.
I recommend hanging things that go together, some people colour co-ordinate, some put all dresses together etc. Think how it will work best for you.
Change the hangers, and check each piece again - if it needs pressing or has a button missing do it now.
In theory all your knitwear should be kept folded to stop hangers marking the shoulders and growing. This depends on your space though.



Some people like to put their scarves and necklaces over relevant items.
If moths are a problem put your clean knitwear in sealed bags, and try the moth traps from Lakeland plastics.
For de-bobbling knitwear lay on a flat surface and gently shave with a cheap razor, but be careful not to nick the yarn.
Put all your hangers facing towards you. When you wear something and put it back, turn the hanger away from you. In a few months time look at all the facing forward garments and analyse why you haven't worn them!
If you cant face selling on ebay, give a young family member or friend the task and share the proceeds.
Keep shoes in shoe boxes, take a picture, print it and stick it on the box.


After Lockdown List

You will have rogue items that still fit and are in good condition, but you haven't worn because they don't go with anything else. Make a note, or photograph them and come to Bridge and we will see if we can re-purpose them.
Visit the charity shop, and drop rags into supermarket re-cycling.